Luna is a very friendly girl who loves to run and play. Because she is a larger rabbit, she will need space to run and play.
New Zealands are 1 of the most intelligent of the rabbits. He is a bit shy but opens up when he gets to run his fill.
Eevie was pulled from a backyard breeder who allowed her to sit in a metal, wire cage after her toes had been bitten off by dogs. She has gone through quite a transformation and is ready for a loving home. She loves to be held and petted. She cannot go to a home with dogs.
Lucky is truly lucky. She had a horrific beginning and is now ready to find her dream home. Change her destiny and adopt this exquisite girl.
Spike is a attractive bunny is on the smaller side of the NZ. He is ready to be in a home where he can run and play and just enjoy life.
Jynx loves to be petted and cooed at. She is friendly and wants a home where she will have enough space to run and play.
Newt is a attractive guy who is begging to be bonded. He is friendly, loves pets, and is micro chipped. He has changed homes multiple times so consideration to serious inquiries only.
Reese is a very shy bunny who would love a little more attention. She is a little overweight and would require food maintenance.
Mocha was a pound rescue. Her previous owners starved her and then brought her into the pound to be euthanized. We were called and as you can see she is in good health now!
He's a very laid back rabbit that likes his space. He is currently in foster with his bonded partner Willow.
Willow is a no-nonsense rabbit that likes her space. She does not particularly care to be held but enjoys her treats. Her partner is much more responsive. They are currently in foster care.
Titan is a exquisite Cali that like his name has a huge personality and body size. He would love a home to free run and is very loving.
Bonnie has suffered much in her life. However, she has truly overcome her past. She is blind in 1 eye due to neglect and was in a 1'x1' cage for the 1st 2yrs of her life. Her ears are a bit tattered but she is exquisite overall. She is still on the shy side and will need someone to be patient with her.
Nila is a stunning little girl who instantly bonded to Rascal. While he is shy, she is adventurous and loves to explore. In the past, she was prone to sludge, but with a strict diet, she has been doing well.
Jedi is a free roam bun who loves to run the bunny barn. He will need a home with ample space to run.
Hanna (Flower in Japanese) is a breeder surrender. She is part lion head and other unknown. She is very friendly and loves pets. She would love to find a home where she will 1 day have a partner.
Chewy was used to train pups hence his name. His ears are a bit shredded. He cannot go to a home with dogs as he is terrified of them.
Tigger came to our rescue with wry neck. He was evaluated by our veterinarian and given a clean bill of health. He has shown some improvement but will need someone with experience to monitor his progress. He has been in rescue for over 6 mons.
Milo is 1 of the most loving buns we have. He likes pets, his food bowl, and his stuffed animals.
I am a spunky bunny with a big attitude. I would love a home where my human can spend time with me.
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